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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Radio Show #19: Brian Gruber, Vice President, HR Technology Solutions, Capital One

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Brian Gruber is a Vice President of Human Resources at Capital One. He is responsible for HR technology, the corporate intranet, and collaborative tools employed by the company for use its more than 20,000 associates.
Brian focuses on defining strategy, delivering change management, managing stakeholders, and ensuring an excellent customer experience. In 2006, Capital One’s Intranet was named one of the “Ten Best Intranets of the Year” by the Nielsen Norman Group.
Prior to his current role, Brian led the Productivity and Knowledge Management function at Capital One, where he was the HR Business Lead on an ERP implementation project, as well as Director of Operations Analysis and Finance for Human Resources.
Brian joined Capital One in 1998 after serving in the Air Force and is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Economics and Operations Research. After the Air Force, he also attended the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, where he received his Masters of Public Policy.