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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Radio Show #71: Dawn Crew, Vice President, HCM Solution Management, SAP

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Dawn Crew is Vice President, HCM Solution Management at SAP.  Her team is responsible for the strategic direction and roadmap of SAP Solutions focused on people.  The portfolio of applications she covers includes Core HR & Payroll, Performance, Compensation, Succession, Learning, Shared Service Framework and Self Services.  Previously, she was director of Global Marketing for the same products for three years.
Dawn has over 20 years of experience in the enterprise software industry.  She started her career at a staffing firm called People in Chicago.  She had worked her way through college as a bookkeeper and learned computers in high school so left to take her first job with a client as a software developer. 
In 1991, Dawn moved to California to pursue the American dream (okay, and a man) and from 1992-2002, she was the owner of a privately held systems integration firm, Select Systems. There she worked with clients such as McCormick Foods, Gartner, Yahoo!, eBay, and a number of other industry-leading customers to select and deploy enterprise software applications.
In 2002, Select Systems was acquired by Tectura Corporation, Microsoft’s largest application partner.  There, Dawn held a number of product and operational roles.  She left as Worldwide Director of Industry and Vertical Solutions, with a focus on the strategy and roadmap of Tectura-developed applications. 
Dawn’s true passions are people and leadership.  Admittedly imperfect in this area herself, she has experienced how real leadership and focus on people can make organizations come alive, make a real difference in the world, and help companies grow wildly.  As a business leader, Dawn has always worked as a collaborative partner with HR to ensure retention, development, and high performance of her team.  She joined SAP in 2007 in order to change the way people work with SAP software.  Her mission these days is to help companies be best run with HR Solutions from SAP – and have fun doing it.