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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Radio Show #79: Clinton Wingrove, Executive Vice President, Pilat HR Solutions

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Clinton Wingrove is the Executive Vice President of Pilat HR Solutions with responsibility for global Business Development, a Principal Consultant in Pilat HR Solutions’ consulting practice, and leads Pilat’s research and development in the fields of multi-rater feedback, performance management, and development management. He lectures internationally on these subjects as well as on HR metrics.

Clinton’s early careers in work study, operational research, and computer systems design gave him a solid grounding in the importance of performance measurement. Clinton led the process design and computerization for 3M UK’s major distribution center. This experience has stayed with him and now forms a solid reference point when designing HR processes to manage and improve individual and team performance. “If we cannot demonstrate and substantiate real value creation, then we have to question the validity of what we are doing in HR.”

Clinton’s former international experience has included CEO of Pilat (North America) Inc, Director of Pilat (UK) Ltd., and Head of Management Training and Development for 3M in Europe (where he led an initiative to increase Staff Function effectiveness through the application of professional selling and negotiation skills and also led 3M’s research into effective Performance Management. The latter led him to Pilat!

Clinton was one of the lead technical consultants appointed to develop the Personnel Standards Lead Body’s (PSLB) first UK professional vocational standards for Human Resources.

Clinton’s consulting experience has encompassed the USA, Canada, Europe, Israel, Japan, Australia, and Saudi Arabia and he has also run his own Executive Development practice. Clinton’s personal passion is working with organizations to improve individual, unit and enterprise performance through the holistic design of processes, metrics and supporting IT. “If HR is to retain its seat on the board, we need (a) to take action that adds value to the bottom line, and (b) to be accountable for ensuring that the value is realized. We have to be equipped with sophisticated datasets (comprehensive, valid, reliable, differentiating, comparable and useful) about our most valuable assets. Only then can we make robust and defensible decisions about our people and their jobs. Ultimately, if we cannot prove we are adding value, why should the board, or anyone else, believe us?”