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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Radio Show #134: Naomi Bloom, Managing Partner, Bloom & Wallace

Naomi is the leading independent voice, business and platform strategy consultant, and thought leader in the HR technology/HRO industry. She acts as a change agent and HRM delivery systems strategist/coach for global corporate clients, as an advisor on business strategy and product/service design to several generations of HRM software vendors and HR outsourcing providers, and as a provider of competitive insight and due diligence to the investment community.  Naomi is a formidable advocate for the HRM and HRM delivery system end-user community, focused entirely on achieving breakthroughs in organizational performance outcomes through effective HRM enabled by great HR technology. She is well-published and is a much sought after, compensated speaker and author for her thought leadership, presentation effectiveness, clarity of vision, and humorous delivery. Naomi is the author of Human Resource Management and Information Technology: Achieving a Strategic Partnership, published in 1984, and in recognition of her contributions to the industry, Naomi received IHRIM's Summit Award.  In 2011, Naomi became a Fellow of the Human Resource Policy Institute at Boston University, where she received her MBA in 1972.