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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Radio Show #140: John Sumser, Editor and Founder, HRExaminer.com

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John Sumser has been assessing and correcting the HR and Recruiting Tech industry for nearly 20 years. He's known for taking controversial stances that turn out to be correct 3 to 5 years later. As the Editor and Founder of HRExaminer.com (HRX), Sumser guides a team of 25 senior players in the business who routinely bypass the status quo on the way to tactics that produce business results.

Sumser is an unconventional industry analyst who routinely serves buyers and sellers alike. For sellers, HRX offers services in developing new markets, increasing visibility, multiplying prospect flow, and, augmenting success stories. For HR practitioners, HRX offers launch strategies for change and transformation projects as well as tool selection services. You can reach him at john@hrexaminer.com. His twitter feed @johnsumser is a gateway to the future of HR.